UIG Energy believes that rising demand, improved production technologies, and effective investments together present new opportunities for significant value creation.

UIG Energy has targeted assets that will benefit from the Company’s local relationships, experience and knowledge and that have strong fundamentals, substantial local and international market demand, a history of transparency and regulatory compliance.

UIG energy is working principally on the acquisition of target opportunities that our proprietary strategy has identified, and that our management team has the technical, commercial and operating expertise to execute. ​ ​

UIG Energy Growth Alignment Plan

  • Significant experience, deep knowledge and relationships in the region and understanding of regional and international commercial and political trends

  • A commitment to transparent, good corporate governance and best business practices

  • The significant de-risking of the specific target assets

  • Management team’s significant technical knowledge

  • First mover position

  • A clear plan of execution and a unique approach to linking energy opportunities in frontier regions to capital markets in the US and the West

  • Leveraging the present market conditions

  • Highly skilled operations team

  • Highly skilled deal team

  • The unique and generally overlooked status of these frontier regions

  • Growing strategic importance of the region

How Do We Accomplish This?

  • Improving and modernizing with focused and disciplined management

  • Increasing efficiency and scale

  • Deploying its top operational team with significant gas experience

  • Emphasizing production and cash flows

  • Utilizing significant value already accrued

  • Avoiding unnecessary risk

  • Utilizing vendor financing and other favorable financing arrangements

  • Utilizing highly competent local staff

  • Realizing quality exits through public listings on stock exchanges and negotiated asset sales